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That’s the Way We Met [Paperback] at Rs 60 || Lowest Online price

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‘That’s the Way We Met … Kya Life Hogi Set’ revolves around Aditya and Riya, who are in love. They try to keep their love a bit low-profile so that it does not become a victim of the pressures of circumstances thrown at, by life. The book is a sequel to writer’s previous bestseller, ‘Few Things Left Unsaid’. Aditya and Riya continue their love story from there onwards. Aditya and Riya soon experience their share of trials and turbulences, which is there in every typical love story. They go through a painful breakup, only to realize later that their love for each other is eternal. This results in a bond which is further deepened as their love blossoms.They spend most their time together and seem to be almost virtually inseparable. Meanwhile, Mohit who is Aditya’s friend falls for Riya’s friend Sonam. Both the couples make for a beautiful story. They go for a trip to Delhi and Manali. Suddenly, Riya’s father passes away with which a new twist comes into the story. Riya’s family as a result, experiences financial problems.It’s a romantic tragedy that is relatable to most Indian couples. On one hand it’s the true love of your life and on the other hand you have to consider the happiness of your family. Riya has to make her choice between the two. Will their love blossom and pass through the test of time or will it see a dead end like other usual love stories?

This book was a bestseller and in turn made the author one of the best selling Indian romantic authors.

The book is easily available on Amazon India from where it can be ordered online.

About the author: Sudeep Nagarkar is an Indian novelist and writer of fiction who was born on 26th February 1988. His debut novel, Few Things Left Unsaid, was published in 2011. Till 2015, he has authored 6 novels which have already been published. He received the 2013 Youth Achiever’s Award for being one of the highest selling romantic writers of India.

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